SeMo (Pod)

Graduate School, UCLA

SeMo Pod is a formal study of two different surface types:

MONOCOQUE : French, from mon- (single) + coque- (shell). A type of construction (as of a fuselage) in which the outer skin carries all or a major part of the stresses; A type of vehicle construction (as of an automobile) in which the body is integral with the chassis (also called “unibody” construction in automotive design).

SEMI- MONOCOQUE : Middle English, from latin, semi- (partial) + monocoque. A hybrid system in which a minimal internal frame augments weaknesses (usually in compressive strength) in structural skin

Each team of 2 was given a technical drawing of a flower and asked to develop a monocoque, or semi-monocoque surface.  Research into the fields that use these systems helped our team to realize that the definition between the two form types could be blurred, and that a surface using both types as one would be the most efficient. The bean pod of a Fava flower was used to develop the formal language and propotion of the surface. The resulting monocoque and semi-monocoqe shell was the Se + Mo(pod)

Team Member: Raul Aguilara  

images coming soon 

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