University of California, Los Angeles 2009
Suprastudio lead by Neil Denari, Toyota, EDAW

Producer City is a concept for a city inspired by Pete Segers version of  “The Farmer is the Man”.  The studio was assigned “Megavoid” site locations across Southern California, and then developed site specific conceptual city plans. The producer city is located in Irwindale, CA. Irwindale is currently the site of approximately 7 active, and 10 inactive gravel pits. The pits range in depth from 100 feet to 300 feet, and are the city of Irwindale’s largest economy. At a taxable revenue of around $23 million the pits are very profitable. However, the pits are not endless, and due to environmental constraints the mining will soon stop, leaving the city destitute. The 20 sq. km ungraded site will be left moon like, and largely unoccupied, becoming a MEGAVOID in the Los Angeles Urban Landscape. By using the sites uniquely terrained context and perimeter definition to develop a formal logic for the city, a site specific pit typology is derived. The formal logic of the pit is driven by context: solar orientation, pit topography, site access and most importantly growth restriction.

more coming soon 

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