We Live Together Alone, So,
Let’s Escape Alone Together

Personal Work, January 2013

By supplying a physical interface for plural escape, Hatch adresses the invisible lines that connect us as modern humans within a virtual network. 

The interface for plural escape is a network of HATCHES, placed in the landscape, some in the Saguaro Forest of Tucson’s Sonoran Desert; some in the Joshua Tree Forests of the Yucca Valley. The HATCHES are separated by 500 miles of desert, but are connected as part of an implied network. HATCH is a frame for a field of view much like the virtual interface is a frame for the technology based networks of our today. HATCH is the monitor, the desert is the internet, the users are the network. HATCH is made from sculpted foam and plaster, and is semi submerged and placed strategically in the desert landscape.  

© Rachel Shillander | info@rachelshillander.com | Los Angeles